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Golf Cart Service & Repair

Golf carts frequently become damaged because of lack of maintenance, overuse, and improper use. It is vital that every piece of the golf cart is kept up to date so your golf cart can have the longest lifespan possible. The tires of your golf cart should always be checked to make sure that it is not flat or that the tires do not have any holes. Inspecting to see if a tire is flat on your golf cart is simple, the tires should be fully inflated, and there should be no sags around the bottom of the tire. Each tire will indicate the air pressure rating on the rim. If there are problems with steering, this can correct the problem with the steering like constant swerving to one side. If your golf cart tires are flat with no holes present then to pump use an electric air pump. Accelerator issues are very common in golf carts. To fix an acceleration issue, inspect your accelerator pad. If you have an EZGO golf cart, these carts include a lever mechanism. To repair, use a matching socket wrench to tighten the bolts that secure the pad lever to the accelerator rod. Inspect the lever mechanism to make sure it is not stuck. Next, apply grease or remove the pad by loosening the attaching screws at the base. Make sure to sand away rust and then paint the pad with automotive grade spray paint and replace the accelerator pad.

If your battery has completely stopped working, remove the battery by disconnecting the cables to the battery terminals. When removing the battery wear gloves to prevent any personal injuries and replace it with a charged one. Immediately after, connect the old battery to a charger so it can charge completely.

Steering problems can be very common within many golf carts. The three most common steering problems are hard steering, steering wheel play, and abnormal noises when turning the wheel. The most common out of all three is steering wheel play. Steering wheel play is normally caused by worm ball sockets or too much clearance in the steering gearbox. Normally, you shouldn't be able to turn the steering wheel more than one and a half inches. If it turns more than that, then there is a serious steering problem that should be checked by a professional.

Your golf cart should always run with no abnormalities or problems, if there is any problem with your golf cart, the problem should be handled by a professional. Don't try to self-diagnose problems and try to fix it on your own because it could make the problem worse and ruin your golf cart completely.

If you need golf cart repair and service, please reach out to us at Battery Power at 352-314-9001 or use our online contact form for assistance.

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