What are sealed lead acid batteries?

sealed lead acid batteriesThere are four types of sealed lead acid batteries: UPS SLA AGM batteries; General Purpose SLA AGM batteries; High Rate; and Deep Cycle SLA AGM batteries. 

Each type of these batteries has a specific purpose that is designed to perform best under certain conditions. For top-notch performance, chose a Sealed Lead Acid battery based on your products utilization. 

The most commonly used out of all these SLA batteries is the General Purpose SLA AGM battery. This battery works best for backup applications and cycling ( recharging and discharging). Anyhow, if you're discovering that this battery requires being cycled frequently or used in some power draining applications, an alternative SLA battery type would be a better option for you. 

Factors that include the terminal type and physical dimensions are highly considered when choosing the right replacement general purpose SLA battery. Professionals can help you select the correct battery for your needs. 

Typical usage for the General Purpose SLA battery includes emergency lighting, security systems, electronics, and electronic testing systems. 

Usage of the Deep Cycle SLA AGM battery included electric wheelchairs and scooters, boat houses, RV house power, golf carts, and Lawn equipment. 

Medical equipment, 911 dispatch centers, cable tv, and internet housing sites are provided with much more power through High Rate, UPS SLA AGM batteries.