Rejuvenate Your Drill Battery

drill batter replacementUnfortunately, when things break or stop working, we tend to throw them away usually. Especially when it comes to batteries. Now we’re not talking household AA or AAA batteries; this is more for those big battery packs that come with the drill on the shelf in your garage. When it comes time to use that drill, and the battery doesn’t work, don’t toss it and buy a new one! Let us bring new life into your dusty old battery and save you the hassle (and cost) of running out to a hardware store for a brand new one.

Having your old battery pack for a drill rebuilt will not only save you that pain of driving out to the store and searching for the right, new, and overpriced battery - it will run even longer plus have more drill power! The battery cells are rejuvenated, bringing all new cells into the battery to keep your drill working better and longer than ever before. There’s no risk of any memory effect in the battery with this procedure. What is a memory effect exactly? In shortest terms, it’s what effects the charge of the battery. If your drill experiences this phenomenon, it means your drill will never get to a full charge - that is unless you take steps to have your battery brought back to life!

This process is not just limited to drill batteries either! Any power tools, such as a saw that has these rechargeable batteries are fully able to be revived from their seemingly dead state.

So don’t worry about rushing to the store to spend more money on an unfinished project. Contact us today, and we’ll make your old drills run like they’re fresh out of the box!